about me

Well past the point when most would agree that it was wise, I sold a stylish home I had spent 10 years customizing, a luxury car, sold or gave away 95% of my belongings, and resigned from my 6-figure career. I left my extended family including a sister with advanced cancer; purchased a pickup truck and travel trailer and packed what was left and headed towards the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  It was the hardest journey of my life, one during which I had to make very difficult decisions that would affect me in myriad ways, and it lasted ten months. In July of 2016 I finally settled on a house in the small town of Plain, near Leavenworth, Washington, in the mountains about two hours Northeast of Seattle.   Leavenworth was not the necessarily the perfect place to land, but I had to settle somewhere and I was running out of time to qualify for a mortgage. In the end, there is no perfect place to live, but honestly most days I feel as if I chose the most gorgeous place on earth, with my little homestead bordering on national forest.

Starting in my early thirties I had been afflicted with a variety of seemingly disparate health issues ranging from hypothyroidism, intolerance to strenuous exercise, a severe heart arrhythmia, IBS, SIBO, carpal tunnel syndrome, hormonal imbalances, debilitating brain fog, and those are just the ones I can remember at the moment. The striking thing about these issues is that by and large, I was actually harmed by seeking help from either the conventional or alternative medical establishment, and ended up having to heal my own problems on my own.  This took literally years of research, trial and error, and dead ends before I was able to accomplish this, and along the way I sought the health of many doctors, naturopaths, and healers of all stripes. Along my journey of self-discovery I realized that our medical system is severely broken, that your Naturopath, acupuncturist or health coach can harm you as quickly as your MD can because they are often using the same basic models to diagnose and treat you; even if the tools are different. In the end, the way for you to live a long, healthy exuberant life free from the “diseases of civilization” is to adopt an ancestral diet and movement template and tweak it with the tools of personalized medicine and nutrition.  And you can’t rely on anyone else to do it for you. The purpose of this website is to show you how to do just that without making all of the mistakes that I did. We are entering a new age of highly tailored health – the one-size –fits-most paradigm is over.